Monday, June 28, 2010

Leo and Dina Lisovskis--Artists in Silver and Gold

"We hope our jewelry inspires people to remember the beauty, joy and wisdom found in nature."

Leopold and Dina Lisovskis moved to rural Wisconsin 30 years ago and have lovingly restored and 1850s log cabin which is surrounded by extensive vegetable, herb and flower gardens. It is in the setting that Leo and Dina's handcrafted jewelry is created.

The inspiration for Leo and Dina's designs come from the surrounding woods, marshes, garden and their love of the North Shore, where they have gone for inspiration and renewal since they were both young. Their native Latvian heritage also has a strong influence on their jewelry design.

Leo and Dina choose each stone for their work because of the story it tells. The silver and gold work is a continuation of that story. If a stone suggests the green ripples of a quiet pond, the peice develops into a marsh scene with water lilies, a gold frog on a silver lily pad, and perhaps a small gold fish diving under the lily roots. A colored gemstone for a wildflower piece will be chosen because the stone has the color and quality of that particular flower.

In their mission to remain true to the total handmade concept, every leaf, flower, berry and tree is individually cut, formed, engraved and soldered in place. Each piece of jewley is totally handcrafted and unique. Both Dina and Leo are silversmiths, but Dina now concentrates on much of the design work and all of the details of running a studio and business. Leo devotes himself to smithing, which he finds relaxing and fulfilling. According to Dina, "You can always find Leo at his bench."

You can find Dina and Leo and their unique jewelry at the Sogn Valley Craft Fair. October 2nd and October 3rd.


  1. ĻOti skaisti darbi un gaumīgi.

    Ingrida no Latvijas

  2. Do you have a website or shop? I love your jewelry!

  3. I think the directions to the fair are dated since Highway 52 was redone this summer. Could the directions be to the fair be updated?